September 2013 : Be You!

september 2013People who rise to greatness tend to have three things in common: 1. They both practice and rest deliberately over time 2. Their practice is fueled by passion and intrinsic interest 3. They wrestle adversity into success.
— Christine Carter 


Don't hide what makes you unique.  Harness what makes you different.  Stop trying to fit into the mold.  The mold is often very boring. Pursue your passion but don't let your passions overwhelm you! Learn balance! Remember, your goals might seem lofty but if you singlemindedly walk on the path required to acheive that goal and you keep your heart, ears, eyes open and your brain working - you will learn so many things on that path and you might actually have a lot of fun along the way.   As we get into the 'ember' months, remember that it is not too late to start along your path even if it is a toe in at a time.  Just start!   Most importantly, be you!! at all times.  :-)

I will like to say a thank you to those who were open to being interviewed for this platform.  It was inspiring speaking with Brooke Wurst on her project which shows that answers often lie within a community voluntarily deciding to create change.  Do read that interview.  Loved it.   I will also love to say thank you to  Rachel Zadok and Amira Kheir.  

I will also love to thank Ifeanyi Onyeji and Osolase Ehikioya Hilary - I know how busy you all get and yet, you come through.  I am grateful.

 Thank you to the readers!

Remember:  Be beautifully, courageously, confidently, you!!

Till December.

Take Care And God Bless!

-Pam *onyi* Stitch (Admin)





Entertainment Lover's Lounge
Amira Kheir: Diva Of The Sudanese Desert


ami 7Hailed as the ‘Diva of the Sudanese desert’ (Journal du Mali) Sudanese-Italian singer Amira Kheir has been enchanting audiences around the world with a sound inspired by traditional music from her homeland Sudan and anchored Jazz and Soul. The result is a unique style of ‘Sudani-Jazz’ that gives tasters of Sudan’s rich musical heritage of distinctive Saharan blues and Sufi music whilst being reflective of the artist’s key Afrocentric and Jazz musical upbringing.

A Male's Perspective: Should I Move Back To Africa?



lovers loungeMost Africans travel out of Africa either for educational or economic reasons. But, after some years away from home, some choose to return back to Africa. There are enormous challenges facing diaspora Africans who decide to move back to Africa after a long time away. For many, the lack of amenities, like health, housing, security, good roads, and electricity, in many African countries pose a problem and makes it difficult to transition and stay comfortably now in their home countries.


Books Culture Be Inspired
Sister Sister With Rachel Zadok

rachelzadok-91Rachel Zadok is a South African author of two books and they are Gem Squash, Tokoloshe and Sister-Sister. I had the pleasure of reading Sister-Sister about a month ago and I fell in love with the author and her style of writing. Sister-Sister is a book that is firmly placed within the genre of fantasy but it isn't 'just' fantasy but rather a genre that fuses African stories and African belief systems.

Masquerades In Igbo Land - Mmawu

igboIfeanyi Onyeji  will be exploring the world of Masquerades, their functions and their meanings in Igbo Land.  Masquerades are called Mmawu.







Brooke Wurst On Reducing HIV/AIDS Incidence With TRIAD Trust, ImproVED and Marula's Shades.

improved at mbambison colani back fisheyeTRIAD Trust, a non-profit providing training to reduce HIV/AIDS incidence in low-resource communities. They are currently working in the Nkomazi region of South Africa --I had the pleasure of speaking with Ms. Brooke Wurst, who is the founder of TRIAD Trust about their work. We've also highlighted some of TRIAD's work on this site (Fresh Vibes Monday)Please, read the interview with Ms. Wurst and Be Inspired.




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