I had the pleasure of watching this group perform last Sunday and I was simply blown away.  I love music.  I love African music.  I love music that fuses the African and the Diasporan experience. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo is a group is hailed as the oldest rock group in Africa.  They fuse Afrobeat, Funk and of course the Voudoun drum on their songs.  When they perform, be prepared to hear sounds like James Brown recognized 'howl'.  I have a lot of pictures and videos from the event.  Do check out the site for the gallery as well as youtube at the end of today.

Some secrets need to be disclosed. The legendary Almighty Orchestre Poly-Rythmo and eternal youth are part of these hidden treasures finally revealed for the best! Even if the group is one of the oldest and most successful African (over 42 years and some 500 albums on the clock), it was also strangely one of the most misunderstood.

The Orchestra is an institution that has accompanied the turmoil that has existed in historic West Africa: the enthusiasm of the early years of independence, the Revolution, and a multi-liberalism before succumbing to the hype Western in recent years thanks to the (re) discovery of their LPs, often recorded around a single microphone, now collectors.

In Benin, the Poly-Rythmo grew up with and yéyés Hi Les Copains assuming a penchant for James Brown, to whom he pays tribute version voodoo ... While the orchestra played with Fela, Manu Dibango and Miriam Makeba, and awakened Beninese broadcast on national radio, he had never left Africa. Poly Rythmo almost perished into oblivion without ever take into the studio ...

until in 2007, a French journalist, not to hunt these musicians in Cotonou for an interview broadcast on France Culture (Vibrations and an article) ... Once the tape recorder off, Elodie Maillot to answer a subsidiary question ... Could she realize the secret dream of musicians to play once in their life outside Africa. ?

At the mp3 and the steamroller-cut shears offbeat African capitals, the "live" is rare in Cotonou. Few bars have survived curfews and Marxist-Leninist ruling which imposed the dissemination of political speeches and in cafes and blocked the road to music "imperialist" American.

Yet this magical orchestra cashed the years without succumbing to political changes, the digital music on the pain or ego-tripesques ... For over forty years, the Almighty Orchestre Poly-Rythmo stands and combines funk, soul and afrobeat with the famous voodoo rhythms born on this small spit of land that is full of spirits!

Back in Paris a few months later, Elodie interviews the musicians
Franz Ferdinand. Another dream, another challenge: the Scots would play with the Almighty Orchestre Poly-Rythmo Cotonou admiring their long career, the sound distorted and implacable groove.

Their songs have not aged a bit. In recent years, the odds of their LPs was even flown on the internet and some reissues on labels connected (Luakabop, Soundway, Analog Africa) unveiled their past treasures. But the "TP" had never left Africa, and this injustice should cease.

Son of needles in voodoo, passports in new instruments collected, visas are finally established, and here in August 2009 all the original members of the group still alive convinced to take the path of Europe! Program: the opening of the Villette Jazz Festival, the Barbican in London, the Paradiso in Amsterdam, etc ... The challenge is met beyond expectations and tours are linked in 2010: USA, Canada, Brazil, England, Africa Etendard ... a country where the "voodoo" (voodoo) has a holiday, the Poly-Rythmo has probably received the blessing of oracles to rise from the ashes and swarm around the world.

That remained was to convince potential skeptics that the Poly could also go into the studio after 25 years absence. The group is set to green in the Loiret for two weeks to look into his vast repertoire, a sudden jam sessions, improvisation and other fevers Afrobeat.

New compositions and old memories: the revival of the Almighty leads to a flashback to the memory of those who are not. The arranger and guitarist Papillon engineering, drummer Leopold Yéhouessi and the nightingale Eskill Lohento would surely have dreamed of this adventure. The new album combines new songs and covers of hits (like "Gbeti Madjro" with Angelique Kidjo, who began music in their backyard, or He is It's Me Or duet with Fatoumata Diawara-last signature label World Circuit which has followed over a 3-week tour in England.

Like fine wine, funk ages well. Only remained to find a Parisian studio entirely analog and old vintage microphones to recall the time recordings alongside Fela in Lagos. The cellar of Sparkle Studio in the Marais is hosting this festival unlikely ... A fairy tale of a renaissance at the age of retirement, a composition is added alongside their "fans" Scottish, Paul Thomson and Nick Mc Carthy of Franz Ferdinand, who spent five days with Poly-Rythmo to refine an afro-beat funky murderer in this cave in the heart of the Marais.

The first issue that introduced the Orchestre Poly Rythmo on the French waves called 'Cotonou Club, and evoked the lost nights Cotonou death orchestras and dancing bars. Following this radio story and music is an album called "Cotonou Club", mixed by Bruno de Jarnac.

The limited edition "Cotonou Club" comes with the BONUS CD, "Poly-Rythmo Radio", which returns to the genesis of the group and the project contains unreleased live performances and other sonic surprises, plus 3 exclusive documentary videos. Festive atmosphere guaranteed!

Elsewhere sounds of a label is mounted for the occasion by Elodie Maillot, which aims to give new life to meetings radio at the other end of the world. For them to last beyond the waves ...

Elodie Maillot is a producer with Radio France since 1998, author of The Songs of Bob Marley (Tournon) and has made ​​jingles for Emily Loizeau (Bonus India Radio, Wild Country), Theatre du Plateau and several compilations (Haiti, Africa southern Mauritania).

From - http://www.polyrythmo.com


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