Carl - John Dumelo
Tisha - Rosely Ngessah
Wendy - Martha Ankomah
Benson - Gavivina Tamakloe
Felix - Eddy Nartey

How:‭ ‬African titles


What do you do when you make an assumption about a person  and then you go out of your way to prove that assumption to be true? ‭ When Tisha found lipstick stains on her husband’s shirt - she goes out of her way to proove that her husband is cheating.  She discusses the situation with her close friend and goes ahead to hire a private investigator to trail her husband. Her husband on the other hand, finds a box of condoms in his bedroom and also does the same thing.   Things get complicated when the two P.I  learn of each other, you have to watch the movie to find out.  

It is no secret that I love movies from Ghana.‭ ‬I believe in terms of movie production,‭ ‬casting and all the technicalities that come with the movie business‭ – ‬Ghana has it down in West Africa but in terms of content‭ – ‬the kings and queens still remain Nigeria.‭  ‬In this movie,‭ ‬do expect to watch a  production that can be compared to movies that we see in our cinemas in the Diasporas.‭  ‬Fortunately,‭ ‬this time,‭ ‬the movie content was great.‭  ‬It is content that will resonate and the movie sequence made sense.‭

In recent years,‭ ‬as Ghana took off its veil on sexuality‭ ‬,‭ ‬many have wondered if the Ghanaian movie industry has gone too far in terms of some of its sexual scenes.‭  ‬Some Ghanaian movies have been described as pornographic with many of our‭ ‘‬conservative Africans who read‭ ‬50‭ ‬shades of grey in secret‭” ‬stating quite publicly that they won’t watch Ghanain movies because of its sexual content.‭  ‬Well,‭ ‬my dears,‭ ‬calm down,‭ ‬you can watch this one.‭  ‬Yes,‭ ‬they had two heavenly,‭ ‬sensual,‭ ‬well directed sexual scenes but that’s it.‭  ‬These scenes were tied to the story.‭ ‬It wasn’t two people just saying,‭ “‬okay,‭ ‬we have a camera,‭ ‬let’s go at it‭”‬,‭ ‬something that I have seen in some movies but I won’t name names TODAY.

In terms of casting,‭ ‬I really think that they chose appropriate people to act this movie.‭  ‬John Dumelo killed it as the husband who was seeking information to cast aspersions on his wife.‭  ‬Even his wiggling eyebrows were on‭  ‬point.‭  ‬He was believable in this role.‭  ‬His dressing was on point.

‭While remaining on the point of dressing, we have to talk about the curvy woman. ‬Africa hasn’t totally abandoned, one of its standards of beauty‭ , which is the curvy woman  who is still considered beautiful in different regions of Africa‬.‭  For many of us watching these types of movies in the African Diaspora, we keep an eye for fashion and how curves are accentuated through dressing.   Fashion is essential. ‬They got it right for most of the movie but there was one particular scene that I had to shake my head.‭  ‬Her clothing was so tight and body parts were popping out at all corners  and she looked absolutely dreadful. ‭ ‬But beyond that,‭ ‬she was the right cast as Carl’s wife.‭  ‬Confident,‭ ‬beautiful,‭ ‬well spoken woman who was out to prove that her husband was a cheat.‭  ‬She acted out her role quite professionally.

The double crossing PI.‭    ‬I believe the male PI was a horrible actor.‭  ‬I wanted to slap him over the head with something.‭  ‬I believe he was chosen because he was inexpensive.‭  ‬I wasn’t impressed with his acting abilities and he seemed to be reading his lines in several places in the movie.‭  

The female PI was on point.‭  ‬She was sensual.‭ ‬Sexual and very confusing.‭   ‬But,‭ ‬she did act her part well and she dressed appropriately.

Friends‭ – ‬all great.‭  

Will I change anything in this movie:
Nothing.‭  ‬Everything was well done.‭  ‬Even the comedic part with the gate man had me rolling on the floor.‭  ‬This is a great movie.‭  ‬It comes recommended but do not watch it with your children.‭

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